Massagemaster Z5 Shiatsu Professional Electric 3D Massage Chair Zero Gravity


Does work and everyday life leave you feeling incredibly weary and achy? Do you suffer from conditions such as back problems, bad circulation, migraines, stress or depression? Then let the MassageMaster Z5 get you back to a fresh and relaxed state of body and mind using the well-known art of Shiatsu massage. Specialising in Shiatsu […]

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Massagemaster Z5 Shiatsu Massage Chair 3D Zero Gravity Full Body RRP £3995


AS Supplies – International Wholesalers. Massagemaster Z5 – Deluxe Shiatsu Massage Chair. The Z5 is the latest award-winning massage chair from the elite Massagemaster range. It is brimming with state-of-the-art technology to offer some of the most sophisticated massage techniques available today. Whether you use it as a recovery aid, or purely for pleasure, it […]

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